Meet the team: Maunsel Hickey, Investment Advisor

By January 10, 2020 Insights

Maunsel Hickey fishing on the river.

ClearRock considers its success the sum of each of its parts. For that reason, we plan to periodically shed light on our team and introduce you to who makes ClearRock tick. Meet Maunsel, husband, father and Investment Advisor.

Where are you from originally, and how did you end up in the Wood River Valley?

I am originally from New Orleans and grew up in Richmond, Virginia. Having always been around saltwater, I never imagined living in the mountains, but caught the mountain bug living in Salzburg, Austria. My wife lived out West for a number of years and we decided we wanted our children to have a different experience. We love the people, community and schools in the Wood River Valley and decided it was the place for us, so packed up and headed West!

Before joining ClearRock, you had a long institutional sales career. What was the catalyst for change to joining a firm like ClearRock?

The institutional sales business was a great run for 15+ years. My clients were mutual fund and hedge fund portfolio managers, so I learned a lot about investing. Over the years, the industry changed significantly and lost the human factor. I was commuting from Virginia to New York and spending more time at the airport than at home, so it was time for a change. The appeal of ClearRock was the opportunity to stay in the financial world, work with a great team, help people and build meaningful, lasting relationships.

What’s your preference up on Baldy, bumps and crud or fresh groomers? Your go-to ski run?

I am a bluebird and groomers guy. I love the views from the top, then a good long run down Broadway, followed by a ride on the old two-seater Cold Springs chair. Call me old school. On foul weather days, you can find me fishing in the river.

Favorite reason for coming to work at ClearRock each day?

I love coming to work at ClearRock mostly for the people. The clients and the team are truly great people who I have really enjoyed working with. Combine good people with the always interesting markets, views of Baldy, and the morning commute past herds of Elk to Downtown Ketchum instead of through a toll plaza to downtown Richmond, and I look forward to work everyday.

In helping young professionals entering the financial services industry, if you had the opportunity to reshape your career trajectory, what would you have done differently, if at all?

I would not change much. Spending time with CEOs of publicly traded companies and investors at mutli-billion Dollar funds was a great seat to have. I worked with some really good, smart people over the years and learned a lot. It has been great working at ClearRock where the investment approach is not dictated by traders, consultants or computers, but measured by the long term outcome for our clients. My advice to anyone new is to find smart people doing things the right way where you see the long term path to success and try not to get caught up in short-term volatility.



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