Meet the team: Kelly Woodward, Client Service Associate

By ClearRock March 7, 2019 Insights
Kelly Woodward

ClearRock Client Service Associate, Kelly Woodward and her family.

ClearRock considers its success the sum of each of its parts. For that reason, we plan to periodically shed light on our team and introduce you to who makes ClearRock tick. Meet Kelly, mom of three and Client Service Extraordinaire.

Where are you from originally, and how long have you lived in the Wood River Valley?

I’m from the Seattle area, originally. Kirkland, Washington to be specific. We’ve been in the area for 3 years. Moved here in March 2016.

Before joining ClearRock, you worked with a few other financial services firms. How has that experience helped shape your capabilities in working with ClearRock clients?

I have worked in many different capacities in the financial services area. From a bank to a small independent wealth management firm and also at a broker-dealer. Quite the range! The experience I gained at each of the places I have worked has contributed to my daily interactions with clients and understanding the ins-and-outs of each aspect of the operational side of the business. It has aided in my approach to making things as seamless as possible for clients and approaching situations from new angles.

As a mother of three young girls, if you had to pick one aspect of the nightly dinner/bath/bed routine to delegate to your husband, what would it be? (no judgment if you delegated it all)

Ha! One can only dream, right! I’d vote dinner. Okay, maybe all of it occasionally would be nice!

Favorite reason for coming to work at ClearRock each day?

Besides the view? I’d have to say my favorite thing is working with our amazing team and clients. Each day brings something unique and it is nice to be challenged. Keeps me on my toes!

If you had the opportunity to go back in time and coach yourself before you started in the financial services industry, what would you say?

Learn as much as you can, ask a lot of questions, and listen to the right people. Plenty of people will offer unsolicited advice, but you can’t go wrong with following your gut instincts.

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