Meet the team: Jamie Everitt, Co-founder & President

By ClearRock April 30, 2018 Insights

ClearRock considers its success the sum of all its parts. For that reason, we plan to periodically shed light on our team and introduce you to who makes ClearRock tick. Meet Jamie, Co-founder and President of ClearRock.

Where are you from originally and why did you choose Sun Valley to lay down family roots?James Everitt

I grew up on the East Coast – New Jersey and Connecticut.

In the late 80’s, my father kicked me out of the house so I decided to move to Sun Valley with some college buddies. Today, even though we may be older, slower and have less hair, we still know how to enjoy life.

Before co-founding ClearRock with Mark, you had a long career in the brokerage industry. What was about the business that ultimately convinced you guys to start your own firm?

First and foremost, we felt it was important to build a firm that was centered around the needs of our clients. We were tired of pushing products for the big brokerage houses and wanted to design independent and transparent diversified portfolios for clients within a conflict-free organization.

You have four very active sons. What do you guys like to do on the weekends?

If I’m not traveling for a hockey or soccer competition, in the winter months it’s everything but golf. In the warmer months it’s everything including golf.

Favorite reasons for coming to work at ClearRock each day?

Helping clients reach their financial goals, solving their problems around money, and collaborating with my team.

One piece of career advice for anyone breaking into the financial services industry?

Go independent early and try to gain exposure working in different fields within the industry – research, trading, client service, operations, etc.

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