October 21, 2019

Does Impeachment Matter?

Impeachment + Markets We’ve been fielding phone calls from clients who ask what the current impeachment investigation might mean for…
Trade War Insights
August 26, 2019

How China Can Cause the Next Global Recession

U.S.-China Relations Trump-initiated U.S.-China trade talks have persisted since early 2018. After Nixon surprised the world in 1972 as the…
July 31, 2019

CRED: “The Show Goes On” But the Global Economy is Slowing

July CRED Report CRED "Speedometer" on a scale from 0 to 100. The ClearRock Economic Dashboard™ (“CRED”) decreased to 47.5…
Beyond Burger Insights
July 29, 2019

Beyond Belief

Beyond Meat's "Beyond Burger" and the self-proclaimed "Future of Protein." Don’t get me wrong.  I like Beyond Burgers.  I like…
July 17, 2019

3 Things Roger Federer Can Teach Us About Investing

Roger Federer, Professional Swiss Tennis Player. Roger Federer is the paragon of a champion. Everything about Roger smacks of measured…
Meet The Team Insights
July 10, 2019

Meet the team: Jack Gilligan, CFA, Director of Research

ClearRock considers its success the sum of each of its parts. For that reason, we plan to periodically shed light…
July 3, 2019

Global Market Update: Good Math

Market Resilience? For nearly a year now, we have been writing about the extended length of the current business cycle.…
June 7, 2019

Is the Rumor of Inflation’s Death Premature?

Photo Credit: Bloomberg News Since 1913, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) has been the primary measurement of inflation.  Along with…
May 31, 2019

When Bad Things Happen

One of my favorite quotes from legendary Wall Street guru Byron Wien is “bad things have a way of not…
April 2, 2019

19th Sun Valley Conference for Foundations & Endowments — 6.24.19

ClearRock's annual non-profit Sun Valley conference is back! Dubbed SVCFE19, this year's summer event will be held on Monday, June…
GMU logo Insights
April 1, 2019

Global Market Update: Good Defense

Duke University Forward, Zion Williamson elevates for one of his fifty-eight blocks during the 2018/2019 season. The Best Offense... Any…
March 21, 2019

Finding Your “Goodies” – A Note from ClearRock’s Chairman

How often have you met someone for the first time and immediately ask, “what do you do?”  Too often we…
5-year Fund Underperformance Insights
March 18, 2019

SPIVA: ’18 Was One of the Worst Years for U.S. Equity Managers Since ’01

"Passive" Vs. Active Since 2002, S+P Dow Jones Indices produces the S+P Indices Versus Active (or “SPIVA”) Scorecard which measures…
CRED Insights
March 15, 2019

“CRED” Data See Health in the Business Cycle But a Potentially Slowing Economy

March CRED Report Figure A. CRED "Speedometer" on a scale from 0 to 100. The ClearRock Economic Dashboard (“CRED”) decreased…
Meet The Team Insights
March 7, 2019

Meet the team: Kelly Woodward, Client Service Associate

ClearRock Client Service Associate, Kelly Woodward and her family. ClearRock considers its success the sum of each of its parts.…
March 1, 2019

Just the Facts

Factfulness, by Hans, Ola, and Anna Rosling A Factfulness Review One of my favorite books from last year is called…
CRED Insights
February 20, 2019

CRED Data Points to Continued Resilience Late in the Business Cycle

The January CRED Report The ClearRock Economic Dashboard (“CRED”) increased to 55.0 in January, its highest reading since September 2018.…
December 6, 2018

A Thousand Points of Light

In honor of the passing and the legacy of George H.W. Bush, our 41st President, The ClearRock Team took to…
CRED Insights
November 18, 2018

CRED Sees Business Cycle Persevering into ’19

OCTOBER - CRED declined to 47.5, its lowest reading since September 2016. Valuation, global and employment metrics dragged the index…
CRED Insights
October 25, 2018

CRED sees no derailment of the current business cycle train

SEPTEMBER - CRED held sturdy at 65.0, the third consecutive month, leaning on resiliently strong business indicators and continued growth…
GMU logo Insights
October 1, 2018

Global Market Update: Dog Days No More

Well into our fourth decade of advising clients, we have usually been confident that taking a few days off here…
CRED Insights
September 15, 2018

CRED signs point to more runway for the current business cycle

AUGUST - CRED gave us another reading of 65.0, unrevised from the prior month as business indicators and consumer confidence…
bond Insights
September 13, 2018

Charles Schwab Knowledge Forum2018 Bond Market Outlook

We had a chance to see Kathy Jones, SVP and Chief Fixed Income Strategist of Charles Schwab, give a live…
Meet The Team Insights
August 18, 2018

Meet the team: Renee Faltings, Senior Investment Advisor & Retirement Plans Specialist

ClearRock considers its success the sum of each of its parts. For that reason, we plan to periodically shed light…
CRED Insights
August 12, 2018

CRED Sees Continued Strengthin this Business Cycle

JULY - CRED gave us a reading of 65.0, up from 57.5 the prior month. The reading increased as continued…
solutions Insights
August 11, 2018

Do you know where your cybercriminals are?

This month we attended the latest installment of the Charles Schwab 2018 Solutions workshop in San Francisco. One area that…
ranking Insights
July 25, 2018

ClearRock in annual rankings again, with stellar performance for its clients

  Financial Advisor magazine published its 2018 version of their annual RIA rankings. As the news medium reported, "the RIA channel…
CRED Website Insights
May 29, 2018

Introducing “CRED”, the ClearRock Economic Dashboard™

The ClearRock Economic Dashboard™ (“CRED”) is a proprietary financial tool we have built and refined over the past 10 years. …
Meet The Team Insights
April 30, 2018

Meet the team: Jamie Everitt, Co-founder & President

ClearRock considers its success the sum of all its parts. For that reason, we plan to periodically shed light on…
cyber security Insights
April 20, 2018

Cybersecurity: We’ve got your back

As cybersecurity seems to be in the media on a daily basis, we thought it would be a good opportunity…
1982 Insights
April 1, 2018

Global Market Update: Where were you in 1982?

- Since 1982, U.S. government bonds have experienced only a single year of negative returns, that year being 1994.* -…
Tamarac Insights
March 31, 2018

Tamarac: Your new client portal

ClearRock is excited to announce a major technology advancement in customer reporting. Beginning with a Summer roll-out, we will be…
Top 3 Surprises 2018 Insights
January 11, 2018

Top Three Surprises for 2018

  Over the past several years, we have used our year-end Global Market Update as an opportunity to present three…
Reflecting on 10 Year Anniversary Insights
August 31, 2017

Reflecting on ClearRock’s10th Anniversary

  In August, 2007, the financial world began to collapse.  Household Finance, BNP Paribas, and subprime lender New Century were…
2017 Insights
April 10, 2017

Q1 2017 Global Market Update

Do Trees Grow to the Sky? “Don’t try to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. It can’t…
2017 Insights
January 12, 2017

Top 3 Surprises for 2017

“We often decide that an outcome is extremely unlikely or impossible, because we are unable to imagine any chain of…
ETF Insights
August 22, 2016

ETFs: The Most Widely Used Investment Vehicle

Did you know that 2015 marked the first year in investment history that exchange traded funds (ETFs) occupied the #1…