Retirement Plans

Your long-term financial future is likely high on your list of concerns for you and your employees. Planning for retirement has become a significant challenge for individuals and employers alike. Volatile markets, high investment costs, and changing regulations have created a difficult planning environment. Our value proposition for retirement plans is simple:

1. We act as your fiduciaries. We advise both the plan committee and participants under ERISA guidelines. This could help lower your liability, workload, and stress.

2. We help eliminate unnecessary costs and fees. Lower costs and fees enhance plan performance and can lower corporate administrative expenses.

3. We offer a disciplined and high-touch employee planning / education / review process. Our goal is to increase employee participation and investment success.

We Strive to Ensure Your Success Through:


1. Procedural Prudence. Fiduciary responsibility (liability) is based on process, not performance.

2. Investment Policy Statement. We help you prepare and implement this critical document.

3. A System of Transparency. You have a duty to control and account for all plan expenses/fees.

4. Safe Harbor Procedures. We help you navigate areas such as 404-c, QDIAs, and Auto Enrollment.

A significant number of our clients are corporations with defined contribution (401k) or defined benefit plans with assets between $1 million and $100 million. In cases where you may not be interested in changing your current plan administrator, our team will function as the investment advisor on your current retirement plan working closely with your plan record keeper.

Where appropriate and available, we will recommend the addition of index-based investments (ETFs) or index funds in some asset categories to provide participants with lower-cost alternatives.

We incorporate a deeply experienced educational approach with your plan committee and your employees. We have a sustainable and uncomplicated process that provides straightforward advice, overall analysis costs, and offers exceptional high-touch service.

Our philosophy for retirement investing is clear: be consistent, be accountable, and preserve and grow our clients’ assets thoughtfully over time.

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