When the financial crisis began to take shape, the evidence was clear: large financial institutions do not have the best interest of individuals at the heart of what they do. Fueled by the idea that their clients deserved better, Mark Eshman and Jamie Everitt founded ClearRock Capital in 2007.

Ketchum Street

With a mission to foster a sense of financial well-being in every client, Eshman and Everitt began to assemble their team—people who shared their passion for excellence and their commitment to giving their clients peace of mind about their financial future.

Today, ClearRock is an employee-owned, SEC-registered investment advisory firm offering each client a personalized, boutique experience independent of other financial institutions.

With offices in San Francisco, Sun Valley, and Boise, the entire ClearRock team shares the vision and the values of founders Eshman and Everitt: integrity, humility, and thoughtfulness; guiding principles that lead to personalized, expert, and honest financial advice.

The ClearRock experience centers around the client and the client’s needs. The core of the investment philosophy is the Yale Endowment model: a broadly, globally diversified approach, but with a twist: we use low-cost, tax-efficient exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Learn more about our investment philosophy.