ETFs: The Most Widely Used Investment Vehicle

By The ClearRock Team August 22, 2016 Insights

Did you know that 2015 marked the first year in investment history that exchange traded funds (ETFs) occupied the #1 spot as the most widely used investment among financial advisors?

There are many options when it comes to investing: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and hedge funds, among many others. Since our inception, ClearRock has dedicated our focus to one particular investment: ETFs (exchange-traded funds).

We chose ETFs because our clients were not interested in taking undue market risk; they simply wanted exposure to the markets but not the risk associated with one specific company. Today, 81% of financial advisors use or recommend ETFs for their clients. Not to our surprise, ETFs have become the most popular investment choice at the expense of mutual funds and annuities.

Average Monthly Net Flows

ETF asset inflows have expanded from less than $5 billion per month 10 years ago to over $20 billion today.

10 years ago, variable annuities had an adoption rate among advisors of 58%. Today that number is down to only 38%. Mutual fund use, which enjoyed a decades-long growth rate, finally slipped from an 85% adoption rate in 2006 to 78% today. These trends highlight that investor and advisor demand has moved away from often opaque, less liquid, high-cost products like annuities and mutual funds in favor of more transparent and low-cost ETFs.

There are plenty of theories as to why ETFs have experienced such widespread, rapid growth. Most surprising to us is the relative outperformance of ETFs vs. mutual funds.  The chart below shows that large value, growth, and blend ETFs outperform mutual funds on a 3, 5, and 10-year time horizon. Not coincidentally, ETFs outperform mutual funds by roughly the same amount of a typical mutual fund fee.

Relative Outperformance of ETFs

ETFs outperform mutual funds by roughly the same amount of a typical mutual fund fee.

Our core investment philosophy consists of three simple principles:

1.  Wealth accumulation is a long term endeavor
2. Diversification works
3. A tactically managed globally diversified portfolio of ETFs is a superior way to manage volatility and drive performance


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