Investment Management

Managing wealth can be complex. Are you taking too much risk? Not enough? Are you investing in a tax-efficient way? Are your transaction costs too high?
How do you know if you making the right investment decisions?

Investment Management

In order to develop an investment strategy that’s best for you, we take time to learn about your financial goals and objectives along with your risk/reward profile.

At ClearRock, we manage our clients’ investments under the core belief that diversification works. The centerpiece of our thoughtful and disciplined investment process are four broadly and globally diversified Model Portfolios, unique to each level of investor risk. The Portfolios are designed to preserve and grow your wealth. To help control investment risk, our Investment Committee carefully screens and selects high quality, liquid, low-cost, tax-efficient ETFs (exchange-traded funds).

We also diligently monitor key economic indicators to identify long-term investment opportunities and rebalance our Portfolios as warranted.

Our mission is to grow your money, not your anxiety. Through our friendly, high-touch client service and commitment to best-in-class research, we aim to provide you with peace of mind.